At Odds with Myself…

OOAK Kitty Dreams greeting card. $20.00

I’ve been at odds with myself recently, which keeps me from stitching, and it keeps me from posting here. I’m in a dry spell on the stitching front, and have been playing MUCH more with paint and mixed media (in fact, today I accidentally painted my braid with black acrylic… <sigh> it could at least have been turquoise or something COOL!)

In any case, I feel guilty about not posting, and guilty about not stitching… but really, all of this will likely develop into more fodder for a design shift as things move (and I’m still doing custom doodle designs for stitching!)

I guess what I’m saying is that I’m still here, I’m still stitching sporadically, and I’m definitely still designing, but everything seems to be in flux, and nothing seems to be REALLY gelling as “the” new direction I’ll be taking.

But it’s coming. In the same way a large cross stitch design begins to look like the real picture the more you stitch on it, the more I work, the more coherent things are becoming. Look for new things here in the future. (The website’s getting an overhaul, too…)

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