Cool Stitching Roundup

Cool Stitching Roundup

It’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. So it’s past time! Sometimes as a stitcher, it can be a bit difficult to find the cool things others are doing online. So here’s a roundup of my current less-well-known favorites!


I’ve been sad since Google reader went away. It made it so much easier to read my favorite blogs and keep track of them.

That said, Mozilla Thunderbird has a blog reader built in, so if you use Thunderbird for reading your email you can catch up on your blogs at the same time.

But what I’ve found I really like is the BlogLovin’ site. Sign up for a free account and round your blogs up right in one browser window. If the blog is signed up as well, there is no issue finding them. If the blog owner hasn’t signed up your favorite blog, you can enter it into the interface manually and then it will appear in your feed when you come to read.


Now that you have an easy way to read them, let’s explore!

Feeling Stitchy – This group of stitchers posts all manner of cool hand embroidery content – from featuring embroidery from the Flickr embroidery group to tutorials, the content here is diverse and fun.

Racaire – From Kentucky via Poland and Vienna, Racaire plays with textiles that include embroidery with an historic bent. If you are at all interested in the medieval side of the art, check her out!

Adorn– Orna Willis’ counted needlepoint designs are always fun. And she’s got her finger on the artistic world of thread as well!

Karen Ann Ruane – While she creates mostly whitework, it’s got a twist. Beautiful work with a bit of commentary on her process.

Facile Cecile – Although this blog is in French, it’s worth running through Google Translate if you don’t read the language. Cecile posts her embroidery projects, veers into cats and food, and back to embroidery and textiles.

Eye Candy – Instagram

Instagram has become my go-to spot for just looking at really pretty pictures of embroidery! A search #handembroidery or #crewel always yields fun things, or try these accounts for your fix of eye candy:

@the_naughty_knot – Hand embroidery photos – lots of cool stitches and lots of french knots!

@nerdsandneedles – If occasional swear words offend you (she stitches them) you might want to avoid this account. But you’ll be giving up on other fantastic, colorful, and well-stitched pop culture embroidery.

@aurytmdesigns – Her life as a cross stitch designer in pictures.

@deromilly – Yup. This is me. I’ve just started. Expect cats, stitching, sketches, and maybe some paintings.

Other non-stitchy folks I follow:

@shimmygoddess – local to me mermaid and bellydancer Amara.

@amysnotdeadyet – (Amy Crook) geeky and small watercolors and fan art. She inspires my geeky-artist side.

Go forth and read (and stitch!)

I’m going to stop there for now. Enjoy exploring the world of needlework online, but remember to come back and see me! Add my blog to your Bloglovin’ feed, let me deliver it to your inbox, or sign up for my newsletter and get occasional free stuff from me.

Needlework Link Roundup


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