Arrow Stitch

Arrow Stitch
Arrow Stitch (or Arrowhead stitch) is a really easy stitch to bring some interest to your borders and leaves.

The Arrow stitch is a simple combination of two straight stitches to form an arrow shape. It’s a great stitch for borders, filling leaves or straight areas, and drawing attention to something.

Things to Try with Arrow Stitch

Honestly, there’s not much I can say about this stitch because it’s so simple. You can stitch it with the point down to depict little plants or grass. Nest one within the other for more “grassy” grass. In addition, you can try stitching this with more than one color. Color choices, and where you change colors can change the feel of a stitch dramatically, especially if you work this stitch tightly to fill in an area like a leaf or border.

A variegated or over-dyed thread can be really effective within a border of arrow stitch as the color shifts over and around the border. In general, because of the two stitches in each stitch unit, the colors of multicolored threads change less dramatically then they might in cross stitch or satin stitch, though finished work can still get streaky.



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