Review – The Art of Bead Embroidery

This book was my holiday present to myself. I love bead and sequin embroidery – it’s the glitz factor that also keeps me in cabaret bellydance instead of tribal…. ooo! Shiny!

There are many artists out there doing bead embroidery in heavy collars and bracelets. The two authors of this book (Heidi Kummli & Sherry Serafini) are two of the best.

I didn’t actually buy this book for technique information, as I already have my own methods for the work I do. But just leafing through it has given me some new ideas (and so will their websites). Unlike so many art and craft technique books on the market today (that seem to want to hide parts of the technique the artist used so you really can’t reproduce their designs, these two women have shared many little details such as finishing techniques and their favorite adhesives and stitches, that will allow you to truly create something lovely.

The designs start with an easy belt buckle, with each step illustrated with a clear colored photo from glue to stitching, and progress up to a huge beaded collar, all with the same standards of instruction. While I haven’t tried any of the techniques yet, I’m impressed with the reading of them. 🙂

And the inspiration is wonderful! This was the real reason I bought this book, and it hasn’t disappointed me. The photos are clear and luscious and the depth of color and texture these women use in their work is amazing.

If you are at  all interested in decadently embellished all-bead encrusted embroidery, I have no problem recommending this book.

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