Happy Harvest Festivals!

Pumpkin left over from Halloween. Hey-it's a harvest!

I figure a lot of my readers aren’t actually IN the United States, where we’re celebrating Thanksgiving today. But all of us can enjoy a harvest festival… (Even if you’re in the southern hemisphere and just thinking about planting that garden, rather than harvesting all the goodies!)

I’m not one for what I’ve heard described as “forced gratitude” where you HAVE to be thankful just because it’s Thanksgiving Day, but I do think that making myself look at what I’ve been given in my life, even when it feels awful is a good thing. I keep a gratitude journal, wherein I try to list 5 things a day to be grateful for… these can be as simple as “got to pet my silk floss” or as complicated as “my husband not only remembered my birthday but made it spectacular.” Getting to pet my kitty is often on the list.

Snail on pumpkin
Even my local snails are having a feast!

I love Thanksgiving. Even when things are going wrong (I threw my back out a bit on Monday, and haven’t been able to move as much as I usually do) cooking for lots of people is something I really love to do. and it’s something I’m good at. The one time in my life when my timing seems to be good and things get finished when they’re supposed to. Watch though. Now that I’ve said that, this year I will screw something up in a big way and we’ll end up at the local Golden Corral!

Take good care of yourselves and your families this weekend. I’ll be back when I recover. 😛 (next week sometime, probably!)

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