Monday Treasures

Kitty in box in window
Dora still loves to sit in boxes. Her mother sculpts them into shreds.

My Monday Treasure for this week isn’t actually embroidery. It’s a kitty. This is Dora. She’s our kitten. She came with Pookah, a stray we adopted with the house. (Little, sad, starving black face poking her head over the windowsill and wanting to come in, but scared of the people… now she’s a happy love… she came pregnant with 4 kittens, and gave birth 5 days after we had her checked out by the vet.) Dora is Dora the Explorer. Last out of Mom, first out of the box… (and now back IN a box).

Dora’s had a hard life, you know. She has to be tormented by those birds outside, and NEVER gets fed enough! The things she puts up with living with us!  She has to fight back by stealing thread, and making sure that her fur gets included in all stitched items I produce.  She’s also the only striped kitty in the world, you know. That makes her special. When she was born, we had 3 cats living with us in addition to Pookah. ALL of them were black, including Pookah! Dora, her sister and brother were striped, and her other sister was solid grey. But otherwise all kitties she knows are black! So, she’s special.

The year I was laid off from my day job, in fact the day AFTER, Dora got really sick. It turned out that she, at 5 years old, had kidney failure. It happens, though rarely in a cat that young. She took all our emergency pet fund that year, but she recovered, and now has to have subcutaneous fluids pumped into her every other day. (How fun!) But she’s doing great, and her numbers come up normal at all her checkups now, so I have hope that we’ll have her around for quite a while yet.

She’s my treasure. Mondays or otherwise.

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