Elmows Will be Back in March…

After some thought, I am revamping the Elmow program. Fair warning – all old Elmows will be pulled down on February 15. I will repackage them with a few new designs for sale on the GCD site and on Etsy, but the price will be going up, and you won’t be able to get most of them individually any more.

Going forward in March Elmows will be released as follows:

  • 4 weekly patterns and individual designs as always at 99 cents each.
  • The last Wednesday of the month I will post the entire monthly set, including one additional bonus design for $2.99.

They will be available for one month additional. So patterns posted in February will be available through March, and so on.

A month after they are pulled, the design packs (NOT the individual designs) will be available on Etsy and GoldenCircleDesigns.com for $5.99. The format will probably be PDF, although I may make these designs available to shops in printed format as well.



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