Spring/Summer EmbroideryImbolc, or St. Brigid’s Day… Spring is springing. And with the weather yesterday hitting the upper 60s, it feels like it. It’s not supposed to feel like it! I’ve been working on a spring design. Or maybe a Summer design. I know there are going to be four, and this is either spring or summer!

This one is an intermediate-level freestyle embroidery design. It’s intermediate mostly because Peking knots in gold thread are a pain to do; not because of any real difficult stitches. šŸ˜‰ But it’s almost tested, the fabric is ordered to stitch a model, and hopefully that means I can offer a kit to all of you sometime very very soon!

The knots around the bee have been removed, along with the gold running stitch (the latter by accident while removingĀ  the knots) because they were just too big in the Kreinik braid. So now the dotted line is in the braid, and the knots are in one strand of DMC metallic – thought THAT is going to change, as I detest working with the stuff, and wouldn’t impose it on anyone if I can avoid it! But I don’t have any pictures of the new version.Ā  Click on either of the photos to see more detail.

Today is also my TENTH wedding anniversary. Wow. Who’d have thunk it?!Ā  The EO is a wonderful guy, my inspiration, and a good part of my strength. I’d probably do just fine without him, but he makes life so much better by being here. I hope I do half as much for him. We won’t be celebrating today. For 10 years, every time we’ve tried, something has interfered – often physically (like me breaking my elbow on the way to the sushi restaurant…). We no longer give it the opportunity-maybe in a couple weeks. Maybe. But we won’t tell the universe what we’re doing!

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