Basic Embroidery Stitches – Running Stitch

Basic Embroidery Stitches – Running Stitch

The first basic stitch we’ll look at is the running stitch. This is, simply a series of straight stitches strung together to form a dotted or dashed line. Once your line is created, you can stitch back the way you came, filling in the gaps. This is called Double Running Stitch.

So for this first day, you get two stitches for the price of one!

These stitches are good for outlining shapes. Double running stitch was extensively used in the 16th century for single-color, double-sided geometric designs. You can do that, or you can change the length of your stitches and create patterns that way.

Running stitch embroidery sample
This actually uses running stitch, double running stitch, and a bit of stem stitch.

Experiment with the spacing of your stitches and stitch in rows of stitches to make designs (called pattern darning). Try both stabbing your needle up and down through the fabric, and also using the sewing method, as if you were quilting. The video describes both types and includes both right and left handed stitching.

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