Embroidered Doodle

Love Kitties embroidery
         Love Kitties hand embroidered doodle

I’m getting somewhere! As you can see, I finished the “doodle.” I think it’s going to end up being the cover for a photo album, although I find myself really really tempted to make another bag out of it (I’m a bag-a-holic, though really, I hate sewing…)

It’s been a hectic few weeks here. We lost our kitty Pookah at the end of last January, and then at the beginning of March we adopted Clara. Millie came to live with us in August, arriving sick and starving on our front porch. We are now officially back to 3 cats, but no black kitties at all! Which is weird for me, because I’ve had at least one, usually more, black cats in the house since 1990. Twenty five years of black cats, and now I have a house full of tabbies and a calico. Wow.

In any case. I’m stitching. I’ve also been DRAWING a lot. And playing with color in my art journal… which I hope will translate into brighter designs that are full of pop! Doodles help this, too. And a lot of very graphic black and white designs that are a little too elaborate for stitching. But they have developed into the concept of doodling stitch-friendly pieces directly on fabric so I can offer a one of a kind collaboration with you when you stitch it!

Check out the listings on Etsy for more information or to order one. I’m happy to do custom work, too. Rectangular and round designs for hoop framing also available (as in the link!).

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