Way Too Busy…deadlines everywhere!

In addition to embroidery, I’m also a tech writer and editor. And currently up to my ears in deadlines. Oops. I’ve run through my backlog of already-typed posts, and don’t have time to put more together and get them up just now.

So today, if writing and making a living writing interest you, I’m going to send you over to Golden Circle Designs’ “other” blog – GCDTechWriting.com (Today’s post there sends you back here for the same reason!)

I’m going on hiatus through the end of July. Both videos and blog posts are going to be on hold while I finish deadlines and build up a backlog again. If you’d like to see what I’m producing in the art and needlework world during this time, I’ll still be posting on Instagram (@deromilly). I’ve got to get some stitching and sketching in or I’ll go crazy! LOL!

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