Windows 10 Issues – I Shall Return…

Windows 10 Issues – I Shall Return…

But possibly not for a bit, at least not for videos… You see, we upgraded to Windows 10 two weeks ago. Um… Yeah. Despite assurances from my local IT specialist, maybe that wasn’t such a good idea. (He’s now swearing up a storm as well…)

While I can still get here, suddenly my needlework design software doesn’t work properly, my graphics program doesn’t work properly (though that works better than most), LiveMovieMaker doesn’t work because my graphic card is apparently not supported, and half the stuff on the laptop is FUBAR as well.  Honestly, the design software and the Video software are the big problems right now. I’m looking into alternative video editing software, but upgrading hardware or buying new software isn’t currently in the budget. So you’re going to be stuck with me babbling instead of videos for the foreseeable future.

Use the time to review the stitches we’ve already gone over, and play with using them in ways other than just stitching them in straight lines.

I have plans. I have such plans and ideas! I’m looking forward to creating additional classes and adding stitches in the future! And branching out to more artsy and design classes and info.  I’ve got several books and zines in the pipeline, and new charts and projects to release!  Be sure that the time I spend away from the blog while I’m updating stuff is time creating neat stuff for all y’all!

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  1. Stay calm and don’t throw the darn thing out the window as I have considered many times. It will all come together. I don’t know when, but somehow it does.
    God bless.

  2. Oh noes! I’ve been resisting the upgrade over here; currently everything works the way I want it to and I don’t want to muck with it. Hope you can get things sorted out!

  3. Thank you both! 🙂 I’m working on it. Managed to get one art video together through sheer stubbornness. It’s not easy enough to do regularly, though… I’ll figure it out!

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