Watercolor Illustration

Watercolor Illustration

Computer issues continue, but they’re starting to resolve themselves! So in addition to stitching, I’ve been trying to build a competence in illustration… I wish I’d developed the focus to work on this stuff more consistently earlier in my life, but better late than never! The embedded time-lapse is of a watercolor illustration of a koi mermaid brushing her hair. It’s not as perfect as I’d like it to be, but then again, what ever is? I’m pleased that the video came out. And there was a LOT of learning that happened in the drawing and painting of it… So that’s a good thing.

While I don’t know if my final preferred forms will be watercolor illustration, digital illustration, or acrylic work, I know I’m moving forward… and that makes me happy.

Have you gone back to a lost passion later in life? How did it go for you? I’m finding that for me, now at 50 it’s a lot easier to let go of my requirement to be perfect the first time I try something. Giving myself permission to stink at drawing and then to draw LOTS daily has gone a long way to improving my abilities. I can now actually create a recognizable likeness of my friends when they are playing a tabletop RPG!  And of people in photos. My imagination still needs work. <winks>

Hope you enjoy the video.

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