Look at me Ma! I’m dancin’!

Last Saturday I performed at Blue Moon Dance Company‘s Haflaween. It was sold out way back in July and I got the last performance slot! The show was a blast. And since the community has several photographer/dancers within it, there were some very nice photos taken. Even of me, and I RARELY like a photo of me.

All photos by Megan H. Freeman.

Like this one, wrapped up in my veil…


Or this one, caught mid-flourish!


There was even a close-up portrait that I like! I think the hat suits me, don’t you? (I stole it from the photographer… ok, BORROWED it. I did give it back, even if I considered running!)


Now it’s back to stitching and designing for a while, though I do start the next teaching session next week. Enough people for class, so here we go!

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