Art Nouveau Floral

Art Nouveau Stumpwork

Years ago I bought Art Nouveau Floral Iron-On Transfer Patterns, by Ed Sibbett, Jr. from Dover Publications. Unfortunately, most of their iron-on transfer books seem to be discontinued, or at least not available currently. That’s sad, because I have an entire magazine box full of them and they are SO useful when I just want to stitch something – right now!

In any case, I’ve been not wanting to deal with counting recently, so I decided to play with some low-relief stumpwork over the past week. While I was doing it, I took progress photos, and today I turned them into a little video of the design growing on the fabric (the fabric is a dark, dusty lavender, despite the fact that the photos seem to have washed it to natural!).

Click on the photo to go to YouTube and see the video.

In addition, I put together a stitch guide (it’s a PDF file, so you’ll need a reader) in case you have the book and want to stitch it yourself. Note that the guide is in a different order than my stitching. Following the order in the guide will make the piece easier to stitch. I inevitably find that I think “If only I’d done THAT first!” when I stitch something like this. So my guides take those thoughts into account.

In addition, in my stitch guides for things like this, I make the assumption that you already know the stitches and the techniques. These are NOT classes. Just an idea for how I stitched something!

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  1. A lovely piece, Romilly! Lucky you having all those Art Noveau designs. I love them. So elegant.

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