30 Days – Day 26

Day 26 is over and done, and while I did a LOT of painting, most of it’s going to be backgrounds for later work… But I really really really love the new technique. Looking forward to playing with it with more mediums and colors…

Day 26
Day 26 – Acrylic and modelling gel on
canvas paper
8 X 6 inches

Yeah. I’m definitely going to keep painting after this. But it will be on a “paint every day” not “finish” every day basis! My work’s getting more complicated; at least the stuff I fall into and want to work on. I suspect these last few days are going to be more paint sketches than finished work…

Slag painting
11 X 16 on Soho Painting Board
Click to enlarge

Also, I decided to actually post one I did a while back – that I wasn’t going to offer because I thought it was too much like Sheri Ponzi‘s work. I’ve since changed my mind. It’ s more like a piece of gold slag my mother had, and that I HOPE is still living in my jewelry box, because I love it. The painting is 11 X 16, acrylic and shellac ink on Soho Painting board, and it can be yours for $75.00.

Slag Closeup
Slag Closeup
Click to enlarge
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